Current Opportunities


Basecamp Operations - Burr Ridge

Responsible for bringing several Wake the World initiatives to traction through rigorous and inviting program management. This role will help create, manage, and expand our efforts to Wake the World through cause partnerships, internal programs, and other external efforts. You will manage employee engagement and volunteerism while being a champion across Tuthill's philanthropic initiatives and collaborating with cause partners and communities to drive program success. Strong leadership and project/program management skills, prior experience working with non-profit organizations and communities, and heartfelt conviction for social impact will help you excel in this role.

Customer Service Representative - Fort Wayne, IN

Responsible for providing the highest level of customer service by way of continuous improvement and rigorous application of the TBS tools and processes. Actively participates in the development and execution of the Policy Deployment in the context of our Compass.

E-Commerce Analyst – Fort Wayne, IN

The E-Commerce Analyst will support the E-Commerce team in our evolving digital strategy with many areas of focus. This is a learning and growth position that will be heavy on securing supporting data, research and market intelligence. Assist in developing strategies and new platform launch of numerous E-Commerce marketplaces. Work to ensure organizational effectiveness by way of continuous improvements and instilling discipline in the rigorous use of the Compass and Tuthill Business Systems (lean) tools and processes.  Actively participates in the development and execution of the Sales Policy Deployment in the context of our Compass.

Line of Product Leader - Fort Wayne IN

Responsible for providing conscious and accountable leadership to my Line of Product Team (LOP), Supervisor, Manufacturing Engineer (ME), Demand Analyst (DA) and direct workforce, ensuring organizational effectiveness by way of continuous improvements and the rigorous use of Conscious Company and Tuthill Business Systems (lean) tools and processes. Actively participates in the creation and execution of the Policy Deployment for the Operations Team and the LOP in the context of the COMPASS.

Machinist (2nd Shift) - Springfield, MO

Strong aptitude and prior experience or education in an industrial manufacturing setting up and operating Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and various manual machines to perform such functions as turning, cutting, drilling, milling, reaming, and boring of metallic workpieces using standard work instructions.

Manufacturing Engineer - Fort Wayne, IN

Responsible for consciously, and rigorously, using the TBS manufacturing tools to ensure the processes produce a quality product that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Pursue, with discipline, continuous improvements in all aspects of the manufacturing processes. Actively participate in the development and execution of TTS's annual Policy Deployment.

Manufacturing Engineer - Springfield, MO

Responsible to create, document, develop and implement manufacturing processes to facilitate execution of the SUM and drive continuous improvement. Real time problem resolution so it never happens again.  Use the Tuthill Business Systems (lean) tools and processes consistent with our Compass. Identify creative solutions to support "manufacturing the way it ought to be.

Marketing Communication Specialist- Fort Wayne, IN

The Marketing Communications Specialist will be responsible for assisting with a variety of marketing campaigns that support the brand message and drive sales growth. Reporting to the Marketing Communication Manager, this team member will deploy content across several communication channels including web, social media, print, and electronic. Crafting content within a communication style that is appropriate for each audience and specified medium is essential.  The individual must have strong writing skills, be able to work with a variety of internal departments and outside vendors, maintain a balanced load chart, be flexible in changing project focus, and be courageous enough to think beyond the common while pushing his/her curiosity to new levels.

Production Supervisor - Clearwater, FL

Understands and participates in alignment with the goals and initiatives of the company – specifically around the action of directing, mentoring, and coaching employees, processing equipment to produce the customers' demand, work with quality assurance to comply and improve acceptance criteria, report needed maintenance to molds and equipment.

Scout & Belay - Burr Ridge

Responsible for running the logistics of our Wake the World department. This role involves cultivating and expanding Tuthill's community of like-hearted change makers. Initiating conversations with potential cause partners, foundations, social enterprises, and communities as well as deepening relationships with ones we've already established must be something this individual is very comfortable doing. This person loves the details and is outstanding at time management for her/himself and others.  Event planning, travel logistics, scheduling meetings, and reporting will require creativity, grit, rigor, and the ability to have lots of fun.