A Look at the Unseen Heroes of Vallejo, California


Kathy Grogan from Tuthill in Alsip, Ill. has worked with Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District (VFWD) for close to eight years. In August 2017, she organized a team from Tuthill Corporation to spend time at Vallejo to film a service and marketing video for Tuthill's W-Series pump. While interviewing employees, the team quickly realized that Vallejo employee's passion and commitment to the treatment process goes far beyond their primary duties.

Part of the treatment process results in a secondary substance known as biosolids. Most treatment plants in the United States pay landfills to dispose of their biosolids which are known to release harmful greenhouse gases. Vallejo found that this nutrient-rich natural by-product of wastewater treatment can be used as a soil amendment which keeps the carbon out of the atmosphere. This application helps the fight against global warming. In the video below, Jennifer Harrington, the Environmental Services Director at Vallejo, shared with us the process and benefits regarding Biosolids.

On average, 10 million gallons of wastewater per day flows through the Ryder Street treatment plant on its way to the San Francisco Bay. The men and women at Vallejo VFWD understand how important it is to treat this water so that the health, community, and the bay stay safe. The District offers free field trips and classroom presentations as a way to help students in grades four and give understand water in our environment.

Tuthill is honored to have Vallejo VFWD as a customer. "We love that you pump your heart into the care and respect of the environment and the community," said filmmaker Vito Pellicano of Tuthill.

Below is the marketing and service video that we had the privilege to create with three of Vallejo’s team members: Rob Smith, Orlando Cortez, and Drew Lynskew.