A Pop of Aliveness in Downtown Chicago


The Tuthill Corporate Brand team had the pleasure of hosting nine interns from Mabbly, a digital agency based in Chicago, IL.

These interns, who are part of an 8-week program that is hosted by the agency, travel to a different company each week to help that business with any project they are assigned. The interns are then split into random teams of 3, given their project for that week and at the end of that time, present a completed project and a winning team is selected.

Tuthill and Mabbly formed their relationship when Mabbly reached out to Tuthill in regards to a book they are writing titled, "The Story of Purpose." Seeing that Tuthill and Mabbly shared similar values and ideas, they joined forces for both the potential inclusion of Tuthill as a case study and their unique internship program.  

The Mabbly interns arrived at Tuthill on Monday, where they were tasked with the mission of executing three different guerrilla marketing campaigns in less than 48 hours.

Each group was given a budget, an overview of the company, and the objective of relaying the message "When We Come Alive the World Comes."

Marketing and Communication team members from corporate spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working with the interns as they brainstormed and came up with their marketing concepts. Once Thursday arrived, each team set out across downtown Chicago to execute their campaigns.

Team 1 created a campaign that invited others to share what makes them come alive. They created a mobile chalkboard and invited people in the Water Tower Place garden to write down their passions and to also enjoy a free ice cold water or Gatorade. They created an atmosphere of fun and aliveness with music, bubble blowing, and engaging people in a positive way.



Team 2 created a two-part campaign that first began at Chicago's Daley Plaza where they passed out free ice cream and popsicles from a cooler and invited people to write on a whiteboard what made them feel alive. They then took Polaroid photos of people with their answers that they printed out and gave to visitors to take home with them. Part two came later in the day when group two joined group one at the Water Tower Place garden and brought along an ice cream truck. There, they handed out free bomb pops to people as they walked by the Tuthill branded truck. Eventually, the positivity and aliveness of both groups were so infectious and inspiring that they "joined forces" placing the chalkboard on the side of the truck and creating an impromptu "aliveness party" where there were bomb pops, Polaroids and everyone writing about what made them feel alive.



Team 3 created a "Random Acts of Kindness" campaign. They rented a quadracycle (a four-wheeled bike that is powered by two to four people) and stocked the bike full of snacks, toys, tiaras, sunflowers, and various other items. These items were passed out to people all along Chicago beaches and Navy Pier: from fresh bottles of water for runners to footballs to kids hanging out on the beach, the group tried to personalize each gift and bring joy to those they talked to. While handing out the gifts, they shared the idea of "Wake the World" and looked to bring aliveness to people with random acts of kindness. People who took part were then invited to sign a large poster board to show their commitment to passing on kindness and making the world a better place.



After executing their campaigns, the groups were invited back to the corporate office the next day, where they each presented their projects to Mabbly and Tuthill employees, showed videos they had created, and answered questions about their campaign. At the end of all of the presentations, The Tuthill corporate marketing team and CEO, Tom Carmazzi, reviewed each of the teams and selected a winner based on various categories. The selection was a difficult one, as each of these groups uniquely captured the objective of the assignment and the heart of Tuthill, but in the end, team 2 and their two-part popsicle party was chosen as the winner.

This week-long project was filled with amazing learning opportunities for everyone involved: from the students to the employees, everyone was able to discover more about marketing opportunities, Tuthill as a business, and the impact that they can have on others.