Burr Ridge Lays Wreaths at Event with Team Rubicon


To honor fallen veterans, Team Rubicon volunteered on National Wreaths Across America Day, Saturday, Dec. 16 to lay wreath on the veterans' graves. Across the United States, ceremonies were held this Saturday at the same time as a remembrance. Wreath ceremonies were held at 1,200 additional locations throughout the United States and abroad.

In the Chicago area, Team Rubicon along with Tuthill’s Don Mack and Dave Groeber visited the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL where 41,000 veterans are laid to rest.

As a group, they laid more than 18,500 donated wreathes on grave sites. People came out in the hundreds to lay wreaths on the sunny Saturday morning. "It was amazing how many people came, of all ages, to honor those veterans who have passed on," Don Mack of Tuthill said.

"I was allowed to place wreaths on veterans final resting place and wish them a Merry Christmas. It was moving to watch friends and family members places wreaths on people who were close to them," Don said. One wreath Don laid was very close to him as well. It was for the cousin of Don's wife whose name was, Richard Brandstetter, a Vietnam era veteran.

 "As the ceremony was underway I kept looking at the American flag that wavered in the wind," Dave Groeber of Tuthill said. "Each person buried at Lincoln and the other national cemeteries had put their life on the line so that flag could wave and protect our country," Dave said.

As Dave placed one wreath at a time on each grave, he said, "I thanked each warrior for their service and prayed that they found eternal peace and happiness. No one left until all of the wreaths had been laid.  It was special day for me!"