Mabbly Interns Dare to Make Better with Tuthill Marketing Campaigns


It was a week they said they would never forget. With $15,000 in hand their mission was simple. Spread Tuthill's Compass on the streets of Chicago. The nine interns were each given a budget to create a guerrilla marketing campaign centered around Tuthill's Compass, or purpose document. Tuthill was one of a few companies the interns would visit on their summer internship with Mabbly, a Chicago digital marketing agency.

After an initial meeting at the Tuthill corporate office, the teams returned to Mabbly's downtown office to develop and create and original campaign in only four days-time. The goal of this marketing challenge was to bring Tuthill into the public domain, stretch individual leadership skills, impact many people and leave the interns and community with an emotional and memorable experience.

Niveda Kumar, a Mabbly intern, enjoyed the amount of responsibility she was given. Her team traveled to a street corner in Chicago and handed out heart toys, on which people wrote what they pumped their heart into. They took photos and strummed up conversations with strangers about what makes their hearts tick.

“I really had a fun week connecting with people about ‘pumping your heart’ into whatever you do [and] pushing myself outside my comfort zone,” Niveda recalled.

Another intern group of three decided to collect hand-drawn 'Get Well' cards for sick children in a nearby hospital. They set up shop downtown and asked people to take a few minutes to draw a card in exchange for a donut. With a few hundred cards in hand, the team those letters to the children along with a goodie bag.

Nick Malone, whose group won for their 'Get Well' card campaign, described the internship as a week he will never forget. "Tuthill goes above and beyond in what they do. I'm truly inspired by the individuals that shape this corporation," he said.   

The final group partnered with Glazed and Infused donut shop. The team used their budget to pay people's bill. As patrons went to the counter to collect their food, the cashier handed back their credit card and said to the patrons, "No need. Tuthill paid your bill." Many were pleasantly surprised. Glazed and Infused explained that in exchange, they ask that today, they perform an act of kindness for another, as Tuthill had for them. They called this campaign "Dare to Make Better." One patron made it a point to call a beloved family member shortly after their bill was paid for to simply remind them of their love and gratitude toward them. 

"We do these internships to have an opportunity to spread the brand, culture, and story of Tuthill outside are walls," Chad Gabriel, Director of Seismic Branding at Tuthill said. "The interns learn about some of our tools and how they can use them moving forward in their own journeys."

On the first day of the challenge, before any planning commenced, Tuthill employees led a conversation around how the interns would work together as a team. Most of them came from various universities and had only met one another through the internship. The interns and leaders set intentions for the week. They shared with the group how they would push one another outside of their comfort zones during this strenuous, but rewarding week.

"I really loved how before we even got into the challenge, [Tuthill] invested time into helping us work well together as teammates. That just speaks to the importance of relationship building in your company culture," Niveda said.

This element made Tuthill’s week unique for Mabbly interns.

"The vast majority of our branded challenges involve driving revenue or strategic business agendas. Tuthill stood it on the head and inspired purpose without the pursuit of revenue. Endlessly refreshing!" said Alex Blair, Chief Of Staff at Mabbly.