New Video Series Highlights How Tuthill Products Have an Impact


Tuthill Corporation is launching a new video series about how our products are used in real world applications called "Making Real Things That Really Make A Difference." Our first video begins in Louisiana with IntegriCo, our like-hearted customer who makes composite railroad ties.

We followed the process of Tuthill's CP Series blower being manufactured in Springfield, Missouri to how it's used to create railroad ties at IntegriCo. There they grind recycled plastics into particles that are pneumatically conveyed using Tuthill's blower. The particles are combined with a talc powder which is molded into 8-foot long ties. The plastic ties are a green alternative to wood ties.  

"A mile of track with a composite railroad tie will contain about 800,000 pounds of plastics that was destined for landfill," Brian Arkwood of IntegriCo said. "Whereas a mile of track with a wooden tie will consume about 18,000 trees." Wooden ties also leach creosote, a chemical used to treat the wood, into the soil and groundwater.  

We've released another version of the video where you can hear from our customer, as well as Tuthill employees about the product.  

The video series will continue to follow customers who utilize Tuthill's products in ways that "really make a difference," by touching lives, creating something unique or bettering our world. Our goal is to raise awareness as to where our products go and what they are used for once they leave our hands.