Richard Curtin Retires As Plastics Division President After 24 Years With Tuthill


On April 20, 2018, Richard Curtin retired as President of the Tuthill Plastics Group. He and his wife Margaret will live in Buffalo, New York in the summer and in Florida through the winter.

Richard, or "Dick" is originally from Buffalo where they have a lake house to enjoy with family and grandchildren. Dave Groeber, Director of Visionary Structures, who has worked closely with Dick and his team will be the acting President. Meanwhile, Tom Carmazzi has begun the process of searching for a new president for the Plastics Group, and is considering internal candidates first. "The next LOB president is positioned with a great team who will accomplish great things," Dick Curtin said.

Dick came to Tuthill in February of 1994. From day one, Dick emphasized the importance of family, which permeated throughout the Clearwater shop. He has encouraged people to attend their children's school events and to give aid to families in need and those who have lost loved ones. Clearwater will certainly miss their leader at the helm, who has been a charitable stand for many local organizations, especially those that focus on autism.

Ralph Guthrie, Plastic’s Quality Manager is grateful for Dick’s dedication to Ralph’s family, and the flexibility he has allowed him to take care of his son who has autism.

"I don't believe Dick can fully realize what that support for my son has meant to me over the years, and the appreciation I have for him" Ralph said. "I will also miss his fashion setting shorts and long sleeve shirt look." For many years Plastics has held fundraisers for F.A.C.E., a school for children with disabilities which Ralph's son attends. Dick has continued to encourage individuals to volunteer and give locally with both their time and dollars.

Throughout Dick’s tenure, the Plastics Group has worked with numerous non-profit organizations such as Shoe Boxes for Soldiers, Metropolitan Ministries, Haven House, Homeless Emergency Project, and F.A.C.E. to promote autism awareness.

Dick has a special sense of humor. His laughter and great jokes lighten any mood. "I still remember him sliding into the breakroom at the beginning of meetings ala Kramer from Seinfeld," Paula Spencer, Plastic's HR Director recalled.

Dick has served as a strong leader for the Plastics Group. "Dick is an authentic leader who is aware of both his strengths and weaknesses," Dave said. He has grown the business using Lake Room mapping to discover where to allocate resources. Adding equipment and the right team members has significantly improved Plastics' capabilities.

"He helped us understand through increasing Business Acumen the importance and the 'hows' of becoming top 1%," Paula said. Plastics has endured downturns in their business as well. Even during those times when the group struggled to make the numbers, Paula recalls, "the team felt included, part of the solution, and always rose to the occasion."

“I trusted his unwavering stand for our journey and his tenacious grit for keeping commitments,” Tom said. 

As a "High D" on the DISC profile assessment, Dick's energy is evident in the results he has created during his tenure. The Plastics facility doubled in size to 40,000 square feet without missing a day of production throughout construction. With his leadership and light-heartedness, the group willingly made concessions for the greater good of the company, all while having a little fun. The shop "went from looking like a branch bank to a beautiful contemporary facility," Paula said.

“Dick has taken the Plastic’s Group from an old-time manufacturer to a larger, more modern manufacturer,” Dave Groeber said.

According to Dick, the high point of his career was the introduction of Conscious Leadership, which Jay Tuthill introduced the company to in 2004.

“This gift from Jay brought more meaning into my life and made me a better leader,” Dick said. Both Dave and Tom Carmazzi echoed Dick’s stand for conscious leadership. “Our Way has become His Way,” Paula said.

Dick has relished in spreading the gift of conscious leadership to his team. Every Plastics staff member except for two have been through Radical Leadership 1, and about half have experienced Radical Leadership 2. These retreats have helped people become more aware of themselves, their impact on others, their wants, and how to remove themselves from drama that surrounds us. Dick was so committed that he played a strong supporting role in the back of the room for almost every Plastics Radical Leadership Retreat.

“Dick’s greatest gift to Tuthill is his commitment to the Tuthill Compass, and making sure every person who worked for Plastics had the opportunity to experience Radical Leadership and play in an environment of Our Way behaviors," Dave said. Dick champions relationships and vulnerability. He has coached people through barriers, such as when they were on the triangle, and allowed them to discover another way of being. Dick truly understands the need to support the entire being while still holding people accountable.

"I will miss Dick, he has been a close friend and we have shared many moments of aliveness," Tom said. "We have been on all parts of the SASHET continuum, from tears of sadness to heart-felt laughter.”