Rick Wiedemann Named Tuthill Fort Wayne President


Effective August 1, 2019, Rick Wiedemann will become President at Tuthill Fort Wayne. Rick has been with Tuthill since 2015 when he joined Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems in Springfield, Missouri as Director of Global Business Development & Americas Sales. Rick immediately demonstrated his commitment to Tuthill’s journey with impactful leadership and a strategy to help Tuthill’s climb to be a Top 1% company. 

In 2017, Rick transitioned to the commercial lead at Tuthill Fort Wayne as VP Sales & Marketing. During his time there, Rick has lived into Tuthill's behaviors, bringing the commercial team and his peers to a new level of empowerment for the Fill-Rite and Sotera brands.

Previously, Rick worked at CST Industries in Kansas City area where he held positions of VP Business & Product Development and VP Sales & Marketing. For 10 years he worked at SPX Cooling Technologies where he progressed through different positions in engineering and project management. Rick has an MBA from Kansas University and a double-bachelor's degree from Miami University with BS degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management. 

"I have no doubt Rick will continue to embrace Tuthill's Compass, while leading our strategic intent during a new digital era and changing competitive landscape," Steve Westfall, Tuthill's Chief Ingenious Company Officer said. "I am excited to see what Rick and his team create for TTS in the form of product innovations and a new level of excellence throughout the organization."

Rick is thrilled and eager to assume his new role. "It's an incredible opportunity. I'm inspired by what we can create at Tuthill, and how we can position ourselves in the market by truly understanding our customer and serving them when and where they need it," Rick said. "I'm excited to engage with our customers, invoke emotion and build a relationship with them before, during and after each transaction. Serving our customers and solving their biggest challenges is why we do what we do every day."