Tuthill and Team Rubicon Assist Horse Ranch Serving Veterans, Kids


Team Rubicon members held a service event at the Dogwood Ranch in Rogersville, MO on April 22. The Dogwood Ranch, a non-profit, provides supports for survivors of trauma including foster children, at-risk youth and veterans. Since 2008, they've offered an equine therapy program and transitional living residences for older foster youth.

The volunteers helped clean and prep for the Dogwood’s annual fundraising event, Boots n' Roots, a farm to meal dinner and entertainment event. Nine volunteers from Team Rubicon Region 7 volunteered, including Tuthill's Chad Sitton, Mark Winters, Tom Cobb, Jayanth Jayaraman, Joan Singer and Matt Martin. The team prepped the stables, cleaned flower beds and planted flowers, fixed and repaired weed eaters and fences organization the facilities.

"Sunday was a great event!" Chad Sitton said. "Dogwood Ranch fed us and shared their focus and passions for our community. They really are good people! Place is going to look great for their annual fundraising dinner next Saturday."

"It is our hope that in time, we will be able to build a community of foster homes, specializing in providing long term care to older, harder-to-place youth," the Dogwood's website reads. "By doing so, we will have a unique opportunity to offer a new heritage to at-risk kids who are desperate for a fresh start."