Tuthill Attends Banquet Hosted by Society of Women Engineers


On Friday, November 2nd members of Tuthill Fort Wayne’s attended Purdue Fort Wayne’s 15th annual Opportunity Banquet hosted by the Society of Women Engineers. The opportunity was in benefit of those attending Purdue’s College of Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science. A team of Tuthill employees including Britney Browning, Seth Heyde, Jessica Hunnicutt, Bryan Moore and Emily Munoz attended to share their engineering knowledge with the students.

Thirty-three companies lined the Walb Ballroom, and students walked the room, learning about local opportunities. Armed with Tuthill's Compass, promotional items, business cards, and a current opportunities handout, the Tuthill team told Tuthill's story. The Tuthill table was buzzing with guests interested in Tuthill's purpose and manufacturing facility.

Once the Career Fair portion of the Banquet came to a close, dinner was served. Students and guests assigned to tables to encourage meeting with new people. Representatives from Society of Women Engineers and Purdue Fort Wayne's Associate Dean spoke. The keynote speaker for the evening was Jill Hruby, former Director and VP for Sandia Labs, who was the first female to lead a national security laboratory of more than 1,300 personnel.

This event had an astounding impact on the Tuthill team.

Brian Moore shared, "I met a lot of young engineers, and they were all eager to make an impact professionally." He said he enjoyed sharing his own professional journey and describing Tuthill's meters and pumps and what makes them so powerful.

Britney Browning enjoyed the opportunity to step away from the daily grind and reflect on her co-workers' strengths. "It's even better hearing coworkers celebrate our successes and sharing that with the students. It is refreshing to see eager students excited to learn about Tuthill. I enjoy giving back to the community to help strengthen our partnership with the local schools and work force," she said.

Seth Heyde enjoyed the visit as a former student. "It's great for me to go back to a school that I attended and share my work life experiences with new students in engineering," he said.

Emily Munoz, also an alumni and a graphic designer who created much of the signage and visuals at the event, believes in the power of being out in the community. "I'm truly humbled to have been able to contribute. I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to meet with so many intelligent and wonderful people; and really love that Tuthill is getting involved with my Alma Mater. I only hope for more opportunities like this for everyone to share in the future."