Tuthill Celebrates National Engineers Week


February 17th through February 21st is National Engineers week, Tuthill would like to recognize all our engineers nationwide for all the hard work they do. All of them come to work every day, engaged and daring to “Make Better.” They bring their creativity and technical know-how to transform their ideas into reality. Our team of engineers are constantly making a difference across all industries from transportation, to agriculture, to medicine and more.

Dare to Make BETTER

Most recently our Fort Wayne engineers worked together to launch a much-needed product called the NX25-120 AC Fuel Transfer Series, a continuous duty fuel transfer pump. Described by one of our engineers you will hear from in this story, Wayne Hughes, the “NX25 is similar to the NX DDC, same motor and pump, it will plug into a normal power supply that you would have in a house or business.” The Marketing & Branding Team had a chance to sit down with a couple of the engineers who worked directly on the design of the NX25, Jake Berry - Mechanical Engineer, and Wayne Hughes - Electrical Engineer.

Wayne describes his role simply as being "responsible for the motor part, how it performs and also electronics inside the motor." Wayne described the process saying he "creates a schematic of how they would like to take the power from the wall and what they want to convert it into. Then a Schematic is developed where it is laid out, indicating what the board (PCB inside the motor) will look like and how the traces will route." Wayne says, "The team went through three different R&D projects. One, where they scoped out how big the boards were going to be on the inside and then did an analysis of performance vs. size." They were able to utilize the "LLC circuitry" and decided how they were going to do it along with testing.

 Wayne Hughes, Electrical Engineer

When asked to describe his role, Jake says he is a "Design Engineer involved in both the mechanical and electrical aspects of the design." Jake and Wayne work together when challenges are encountered regarding design down to the very last detail. For example, they even had to "design controls inside the motor, that tell it how fast to spin. We have to make sure the performance is good overall," says Wayne.

When asked to describe a challenge that they encountered during the design project, Jake said "We successfully overcame a number of regulatory hurdles on this project, from both the pump design and the motor design. Another focus was addressing a continuous improvement item." When asked how they resolved these challenges, Jake simply says, "We ask for help. This was a project that had a number of engineering resources devoted to different aspects of the design from both the Product Enhancements team and the Sustaining Engineering team."

Being vulnerable and willing to ask for help is a key ingredient to the success of our engineering teams. Jake mentioned how the following team members have played important roles in this project:

Miles Ebert handled the regulatory and compliance side of the project; Craig Cavanaugh, Sustaining Team, instrumental in driving continuous improvement in the design[LT1] ; Bruce Trabert, Sustaining Team, instrumental in addressing the anti-siphon capabilities and regulatory compliance of the pump housing; Adam Hanford, Test Engineer, was instrumental in all of the necessary verification and validation testing; Brock Holley, Sustaining Team, was instrumental on helping with the additive manufacturing side of development and design work on a switch component; Steve Shuler & Connie Classon, managed all of the print and drawing documentation efforts.”

Jake Berry, Mechanical Engineer

Additionally, Marketing & Branding spoke with other engineers like Matt WengerEngineering Manager and Miles EbertEngineering Compliance Manager. They help navigate the regulatory standards and data analysis side of the product and each play a very important role in the development of the product to make sure project milestones are met.

Matt helps overcome obstacles they run into when qualifying performance data. He focuses on solutions that help drive performance and gain approvals by the regulatory agencies that Tuthill depends on to deliver quality solutions to customers. When describing the process, Matt said, "Let's say Tuthill is testing some aspect of performance on a pump and if they just can't seem to hit their performance goal, the project team would work to evaluate the cause and identify potential fixes." Matt says, "I would become involved to help determine the path forward based on the input from the project team."

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Matt Wenger, Engineering Manager

There are a lot of "Moving Parts" when taking a product from design to market. Tuthill has a dynamic team with a wide range of skills and experiences to help us create a timely launch of new products.

Miles plays an integral role in product development. He explained he takes "the product to regulatory agencies and gets it approved for the type of application in the environment that it will be used." He also works with design engineers to help them with the technical design, making sure it will comply with the necessary requirements. "It's complicated" Miles explained, "based upon what region of the world you want to take the product. So, there are different requirements for US and Canada versus the European Union." Miles also helps to advise the engineers on what they can and cannot do to comply with the standard. He says "We've got some pretty imaginative engineers and they come up with some great ideas. So, when they pose those design changes, I will evaluate the standards and try to determine whether we would comply, or we would have issues."

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Miles Ebert, Engineering Compliance Manager

Living the UNCOMMON

When asked about some of the crazy ideas that Miles has come across in his ten years with Tuthill, he responded with, "Jake Berry came up with a design concept where he essentially eliminated the junction box with our DC pump. It's the only one in the world I've ever seen!" Miles explained.  

In closing the conversation with Miles, he made a point to mention, “Tuthill is really starting to design products that are far beyond what the standards were written for, so we’ve pushed the agencies to keep up with our technology.”

Tuthill celebrates a culture of aliveness to uphold a truly uncommon brand of respected products and an authentic workplace.  Please join us in thanking all our engineers on the hard work they do each day!