Tuthill CEO And Chief Learning Officer Speak at ILA Conference


Tuthill’s CEO Tom Carmazzi and Chief Learning Officer Gus Gustafson will be speaking at the International Leadership Association’s 20th Anniversary Global Conference in West Palm Beach, FL on Oct. 26 and 27. The event is titled Authentic Leadership for Progress, Peace & Prosperity.

Gus Gustafson is currently the elected Chair of the Business Leadership Division and a member of the 2018 Global Conference Program Team. He was also recently appointed by ILA's Board of Directors to the Executive Committee of the Doctoral Program Faculty Leadership & Learning Community. Gus was tapped on the shoulder this year by ILA's CEO & President to Co-Chair the first ever full-day pre-conference of the ILA Doctoral Consortium. The sponsor for this session is the Center for Values-Driven Leadership at Benedictine University.

Tom Carmazzi will present "Waking the World: One Heart at a Time." The session is described here: Hear firsthand from the Chief Aliveness Officer a 125+ year-old global manufacturing organization about their journey to become a conscious company whose primary purpose is to Wake the World. The company started out making bricks in 1892. Raw clay for the bricks was extracted from quarries using horses. As quarries got deeper and deeper, it became more stressful on the horses and they started dying. Then, Mr. Tuthill bought a pump to replace the horses and save their hearts. That is why associates at Tuthill think about the heart as the original pump.

Gus will also chair the presentations of “Wild at Heart and Sound of Mind: Leveraging the Art and Science of Love in Leadership” and “Non-Conformist Approaches to Executive Development and Renewal Amidst the Tyranny of the Urgent”

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