Tuthill Chili Cook Off Fundraises for Team Rubicon


Tuthill raised $485 for Team Rubicon at their annual Chili Cook Off at Tuthill Pump in Alsip, IL.

Eleven chili cooks brought their best recipes to compete. Judges and the attendees sampled the selections and chose the top three contenders.

Carlos Bautista, Tuthill's FlowPro Line of Product Leader claimed the first-place title for the second time in three years. Carlos' combination of heat and flavor narrowly beat out his competitors. First, second and third place were each separated by only one point. Congratulations to Mary O'Connor and Steve Allen from Tuthill who also placed.

Jake Pedersen of Tuthill won the 50/50 raffle and graciously donated his winnings back to Tuthill.

"Thank you again to all who donated and who came out in support of Team Rubicon. I would like to thank our cooks who invested their time, energy and resources to provide our delicious main course and side cookies. Thanks to servers and volunteers. I would also like to issue a special thanks to Don Mack for serving as one of our esteemed judges. It was a resounding success!" said Jonathan Youngren of Tuthill who helped organize the event.

Tuthill would like to thank Mike Hernandez of Team Rubicon for participating as well!