Tuthill Corporate Helps Team Rubicon Build a Veteran's Home


This past weekend Tuthill employees loaned a few hands to Dupage Habitat for Humanity and Team Rubicon to help build a home for a veteran and single father of four in Bensenville, Illinois. Here are a few words from the volunteers.

Chad Gabriel

"I love working on home improvement projects. It was great to be surrounded by a mix of folks who were newbies and folks whom I could learn a ton from. We installed siding, put in fire stops, dug trenches, moved drywall, and cleaned the job site. It never even felt like work! It was for a veteran's family who needed the help, and it felt great to be a part of it."

Subhash Vaidya

"The outdoor team digging trenches worked well together. We had to use a longer path (90 degree angle) instead of a straight line to skip a large root. The trenching tool wasn't effective with wet ground, mud and clay. Team members took turns to complete a 2-foot deep trench using shovels, an axe and hands!!"

Don Mack

"It was a lot of fun. The snow for me just added to it. It was very cool to sit back at the end of the day and see all that was done. Somebody will be in that house soon." Don Mack

Danton Jany

"It has been a while since I have swung the old hammer on a job site or hauled drywall, and it felt good. It even felt better doing it with friends from work and with new people I met. I appreciate the allowed time to do such a thing with team Rubicon and Habitat for Humanity."

Jack Ginther (center) — Team Rubicon Engagement Manager for Region 5

"Anyone involved in disaster relief knows that equipment can fail at any moment. Everyone hopes that moment will be 15 minutes into a build day with Habitat. Who doesn't love a pair of air conditioned pants in early December?" - Jack Ginther

Dave Groeber — Tuthill Team Rubicon Coordinator

Erica Magda 

"I will not forget my first snow of the season at my first Team Rubicon event. Teams of people were outside working hard to get the siding complete before the weather got too cold. By the time we finished and looked around, the siding was near complete and everything else was covered in white snow. I hope that's the astonishment Tony and his family will feel when they walk into their new home for the first time." 

Dave Neary – Executive Director for Dupage Habitat for Humanity

"To see a group of people so committed to being of service and wanting to help out a veteran and his family was amazing. In conditions that most people would have stayed inside and avoided working around their own yard, the Rubicon group showed up and worked through the conditions, making incredible progress in the cold, wet and slippery ground. Having to drag people in to eat lunch because they wanted to keep working was inspirational."