Tuthill Deploys with Team Rubicon for Missouri Flooding


Team Rubicon in Springfield deployed a team to Newton County, Missouri. Joan Singer, John Coghlan and Chad Sitton from Tuthill's Springfield location joined the ranks to help. More than 200 homes in the Neosho area were affected. Team Rubicon did 180 damage assessments and worked more than 55 homes and properties. With the aid of three other volunteer organizations, they were able to complete their work in three weeks after the flooding. "It was a very successful OP," said Chad Sitton of Tuthill and Team Rubicon's City Administrator.   

John Coghlan

"It was heartbreaking at times to see what some of the folks are going through, but also uplifting to see the outpouring of generosity from perfect strangers. It also reminded me that the things I typically whine about are 'first-world problems' and that there is immeasurable suffering all around that makes me realize how fortunate I really am. My group consisted of people from all over the U.S.A. It was a dynamic group consisting of long-retired military, recently discharged and a good number of civilians who also want to help. Finally, a lot of people asked me about Tuthill and when I explained the Wake the World purpose to them, Tuthill's relationship with TR, and the company history, all were very glad to hear the story."

Joan Singer, CPSM

"I was glad I was able to help, but sad at the same time. The home owner came by for a walk through shortly after we arrived Saturday morning. I was not expecting that. It was very emotional for her, but she was thankful to everyone there. The other TR volunteers were amazing and came from all different parts of the state."