Tuthill Honors Astounding Impact


Our purpose is to Wake the World by unlocking the aliveness that exists in our employees and others around us. At Tuthill, our employees continue to demonstrate how they come alive through community service. The company recently recognized three employees, who went above and beyond to make a difference in their communities with its inaugural Astounding Impact Award. They were nominated by colleagues, who thought they were deserving of the honor. These employees demonstrated the power a person has to change young people's lives by teaching effective leadership tools; exploring water sanitation to benefit health; and enhancing academic prowess and inspiring the spirit in young sport teams. We're proud to recognize the following employees for their astounding community service. 

Anthony Belmonte, CFO, who taught business acumen and leadership to Chicago high school students. 

Kathy Grogan, Regional Sales Manager, who tirelessly fundraised to fund and source solutions for running water and disinfectant systems in Uganda. 

Finally, Will Natiel, HAAS Operator, who inspired underserved children in Florida to tackle their academics through tutoring and coaching them to achieve success on the football field and in life. Each honoree received an award; a celebration in their honor; and a grant to their favorite organization.