Tuthill Hosts Conscious Capitalism Event "Pump Your Heart Into It"


Conscious Capitalism Gallery


Tuthill Corporation and Conscious Capitalism joined together on Sept. 14 to host 60 business leaders from across the Chicagoland area. Many ventured from the city of Chicago to Tuthill's Burr Ridge office to hear Tuthill's CEO Tom Carmazzi tell the story of the company’s cultural journey.  

Tuthill is a fourth generation, family-owned manufacturing company that makes industrial pumps, meters, vacuum systems and blowers. As the visitors toured Tuthill's office, they were able to see a few of those products. The crowd gathered in the auditorium as Thea Polancic of the Chicago chapter of Conscious Capitalism introduced key concepts. "We believe in business as a force for positive change in the world," she explained, "and [being] unapologetically profit driven as well." 

Every month, Conscious Capitalism holds events around Chicago where business leaders connect and learn about the theory behind the movement. Representatives from organizations such as Whole Foods, REI, AllState, John Deere and Patagonia attend. This September the organization partnered with Tuthill for their perspective. 

"Our members really appreciate hearing real life stories," Lee Capps, Conscious Capitalism's program chair said. "To be able to say, 'Here's a company that's doing it,' is pretty compelling." 

Carmazzi explained how Tuthill started on its conscious culture journey in 2005. It began when Jay Tuthill, company owner, realized he wanted a company that centered around people and authenticity. He and Carmazzi began enhancing the culture by placing its people first.  

In 2015, Tuthill rolled out what they call their Compass, which is composed of mission, vision, and purpose statements that answer the question: "Why does your company exist?" Tuthill decided that they aim to inspire aliveness in people. "When we come alive, the world comes along," reads the Compass.  

Standing 9-feet tall in Tuthill's auditorium was a banner adorning the Compass. Carmazzi beamed as he stood beneath the printed words that towered over him. Carmazzi asked the crowd, "What's in this Compass for you?" 

One by one, people lined up to present words that spoke to them. "Making a difference. Wake the world. It starts with me. Gratitude." The list went on.  

"It's exciting to see corporations get behind purpose and causes to make the world a better place," said Tinamarie Hernandez of Diveheart, a non-profit that helps those with disabilities to scuba dive. She said she learned a great deal at her first Conscious Capitalism event, and was inspired by Tuthill's Compass.  

“We want to think about creating a Compass like [Tuthill has],” Hernandez said, rattling off her own company’s mantras she would leverage.  

The purpose of the Compass, as described by Chad Gabriel of Tuthill, is to "provide clarity and inspiration that helps us focus and align our entire organization," he said. "It is easier for us to make choices and to understand whether we're having the intended impact in our business." 

Carmazzi has his eyes set on making an impact by what Tuthill calls "Waking the World." He has conducted numerous speaking engagements, most recently at Notre Dame, to inspire individuals and companies alike to discover what makes them feel alive.  

"It was very exciting to get to meet people and hear about how conscious capitalism is growing throughout the world," Tony Belmonte of Tuthill said. "The growing commitment of business leaders to make the world a better place gives me comfort as a parent of three boys who all just entered the business world."  

On Sept. 29, Conscious Capitalism is helping host an open event called “Conscious Business Palooza” at the technology incubator, 1871, in Chicago.