Tuthill Introduces Lightweight Transport Blowers T855, T1055


Tuthill announced the product launch of the new T855 and T1055 for the transportation market a week ago at the National Transportation show in New Orleans.

The strongest transport blowers on the market just got a makeover. Tuthill is proud to introduce its new and improved T855 and T1055 transport blowers. The new design keeps all the power, rugged performance and reliability Tuthill is known for— all at a lower weight— that will continue to outrun, outperform and outlast other transport blowers with each and every load. 

In honor of the location and the theme of the show, TVBS had our own hot sauces prepared to hand out during the show. Each of the hot sauces have a T855 or T1055 theme on their label.  

"Our vision of an ingenious company is reflective in these two products. These two products have been greatly enhanced to better serve our markets and customers. We had a team of like-hearted employees who worked very hard and diligent to make this happen!" said Steve Westfall, Tuthill President in Springfield, MO.

The team reduced 50 pounds from the blower. The challenge was reducing weight without compromising quality. "We could have reduced the bearing size, but any change to the bearings would create an issue with quality," Product Manager Mike Gaines said. Instead, the team removed extension plates and lengthened the end plate covers. "We keep all of our quality this way, and we can add more oil and cooling capacity."

"All the improvements that has put Tuthill as a leader in the transportation blower markets," Westfall said.

Fewer Oil Changes 

The largest transport blower oil sumps belong to Tuthill. Gain more efficiency with fewer oil changes and spend more time hauling. The larger sumps also mean better cooling than previous models. 

Highest Efficiency Lobe Blower 

Less HP is required to run Tuthill transport blowers, making them up to 15% more efficient than other competitive blowers. Less HP means more savings on fuel costs. 

Longest Bearing Life 

Experience the toughest transport blower on the market! A design with larger bearings than competitive brands delivers a reliable machine with a longer life cycle. Tuthill's bearing basic load rating is significantly higher with over eight pounds of additional bearing mass than the closest competitor. These quality bearings can translate into hundreds of dollars saved in maintenance costs over time. 

Simple Design 

The T855/T1055 design has fewer sealing surfaces which means there are fewer parts, fewer leak paths, and fewer areas that could allow salt or debris to collect and corrode. 

Lighter Weight 

Tuthill transport blower weights are now within a fraction of other competitive models. The new design exhibits an optimal balance between efficiency and rugged construction that allows you to carry an additional 40 lbs per load. 

Made in the USA 

All Tuthill transport blowers are made in the USA at the Springfield, Missouri plant. Over 125 years of experience go into manufacturing and servicing the highest quality transport blowers on the market. 

Product Webpage

Brochure on the new transport blowers