Tuthill takes on Germany for ACHEMA 2015


More than 166,000 international visitors descended upon Frankfurt, Germany over the course of 5 days for ACHEMA 2015.

From students to CEOs, visitors used the international forum to learn and discover all about chemical engineering, the process industry, and the innovative products offered by more than 3,800 exhibitors.

Tuthill was no different in its desire to network, learn, and take part in this international event.  However, we sought to go above and beyond the discovering of leads (of which we had over 100 per Line of Business) and into the hearts of our visitors.

Tuthill was represented by amazing team members from Fort Wayne, Indiana,  Alsip, Illinois, Springfield, Missouri, The United Kingdom and Burr Ridge, Illinois. And while distance may separate our employees, they came together as one unified Tuthill and gave our company the best ACHEMA experience we have ever had.

“This by far is the best I have ever seen, especially for Tuthill,” said Brad Boyd, VP of Sales for Tuthill Pump Group, “It is the first time I think that we have really shown up as a solid corporation with a really good message and a solid display. “

Our booth provided visitors with professionalism through our sales team members, innovation and intelligence through our engineers, and inspiration to live an intentional life through our “Pump Your Heart Into It” activity.

Our "Pump Your Heart Into It" activity brought in over 200 participants who shared with us what they were passionate about or what they loved.  They were asked to think of a word or phrase that encompassed what they pumped their heart into and write it on the easel before them.  Once they had done so, Tuthill employees then prompted them to draw that word with their non-dominant hand to show that the art is not about being perfect but about creativity from their heart and exploring what it is they love.  Answers ranged from family, to sports, and even to schnitzel.  But regardless of their answers, we were able to get to know our visitors on a deeper level and hopefully create lasting professional and personal relationships.

“It was great to see them light up as they drew pictures in our gallery upstairs.” said Chad Gabriel, Director of Seismic Branding, “Our neighboring exhibitors had seen so many people smiling and laughing and having a great time that they even stopped by and did the exercise, which was great. Just another example of essence calling forth essence.”

Through our employees, inviting booth, and interactive activity we were able to build our professional network, share our company, and have participants leave our booth with the desire to do more of what they love.

ACHEMA 2015 was a great success for Tuthill thanks to all of the hard work, dedication and commitment from everyone involved.