Tuthill's Paul Pike Experiences the World from a Wheelchair for Awareness


Tuthill Fort Wayne's Paul Pike, Strategic Sourcing Manager and Huntington Town Council Member participated in the Mayor's "Roll Around" event, where able-bodied people spent time in wheelchairs to be introduced to one of the many difficulties those with disabilities face. The event was held in light of March being Disability Awareness Month.

For Paul, this experience opened his eye and awareness.  

"The goal of the event in Huntington was to find areas where we could improve accessibility for those with disabilities," Paul said. "We found restrooms where pull-up bars were needed, and doors that had excessive pull resistance. One in particular had 22lbs of pull resistance, where the ADA calls for a maximum of 7 lbs. That made it nearly impossible to open when seated in a wheelchair. By correcting these issues, we are making Huntington a more accommodating and accessible place."

The ADA provides accessibility regulations. Paul and other Huntington City Leaders are working hard to make their town a better place. First, they are asking others to learn more about the ADA and the regulation it provides at www.ada.gov.