Like-Hearted People

We are currently seeking like-hearted companies to join us on our journey.  


20% Growth and Top 1% Operation

At Tuthill we have an annual goal of growing revenue by 20% year over year while being a Top 1% manufacturer.  What does this mean?  Simply stated, we want to grow profitably.  

20% year-over-year growth is not about the number, but how we use our healthy marketing bridge to generate outstanding and sustainable growth.

Top 1% operation uses Earns and Turns (E&T) as a measuring stick of our profitability against other manufacturers.  We gather readily available information to calculate the E&T ratio, which is defined as EBITDA divided by Operating Working Capital.  This internal benchmark allows us to focus on whether we are improving compared to our Top 1% Company peers.

This combination of 20% growth and Top 1% operations is a simple strategy for creating sustainable, profitable growth.

Whether it is your own organization or one that you know of that would like to be part of Tuthill's like-hearted legion, please contact Dave Groeber.

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